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Techniques Used


Myofascial – In-depth treatment of the muscles, removes all subcutaneous adhesions and restores the right muscle elasticity


Lipomodelling – Improves the microcirculation of the skin by eliminating localized toxins, shapes the face and smoothes the "orange peel" skin.


Cranial technique – manual technique used to reoxygenate the areas of the coronal sutures through bone mobilization .


Isometric facelift – specific manual skills to precisely treat some marked and persistent wrinkles.


Intraoral technique – buccal massage, an effective practice to treat wrinkles around the lips in the zygomatic area and on the cheeks .

Anatomy lesson Online

Knowledge :

  • Know and learn the muscle groups, their positioning and their functionality.

  • Anatomy and age-related changes.

  • Bone structures and lymphatic system.

  • Self-anamnesis and diagnostic anamnesis.

  • Contraindications.

A key part of understanding the difference between facial and skeletal muscles is understanding their distinct connections and movements.

The course is divided into 2 in-person training days and one online
One week before the in-person course, access will be provided to a reserved area on our website, on the page you will find the anatomy lesson provided on a video lesson
All participants will be provided with a chat to communicate directly with the training teacher
At the end of the anatomical part it will be necessary to carry out a test and a practical task, the test and the practical task must be carried out before the in-person lessons

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