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Manual Plastic

Shine with beauty

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Plastic Manual belongs to the manual-therapeutic method. Unlike a cosmetologist / beautician and a masseur, who work at the level of the dermis, a manual plastic specialist acts manually on the deeper layers: joints, muscles, ligaments, fascia, fat packs.


Plastic Manual works with the root cause of age-related changes and does not mask them!


In the human body, everything is interconnected and determined by anatomy and physiology, the aging process is no exception. By understanding how our body works, we can neutralize the manifestations of age-related changes without harm to health.


The technique is based on deep medical knowledge, research and years of practice.


As additional techniques that improve the result, vacuum massage, buccal massage, Gua Sha and aesthetic taping are used ⠀


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"You are not young after forty,

but you can be irresistible at all ages "

Coco Chanel

Manual Plastic Results

Rejuvenate naturally


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-The study in Bernate Ticino (20 min from the center of Milan)
-Once a week in Milan (piazza Dergano)

-At home for groups of 3-4 people

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