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Additional courses

For all additional courses you must have the VisO'key Specialist Operator qualification - level 1 holistic facial operator

( contact the academy for courses )

VisO'key® method is a manual technique that focuses on the deeper levels of the face, such as muscles, ligaments, fascia and fat accumulation, unlike many other methods that act only at the dermis level.

Viso'key® Specialist Plus Method , in addition to the basic course, adds two other techniques: the Chanel Method and Aesthetic Taping . These additional techniques help consolidate the results obtained.

VisO'key® Face Therapist Method , the next level, offers an additional 3 Master Techniques courses to improve and consolidate the treatment. These courses further personalize the treatment, addressing particularly complex areas of the face.

The three additional techniques to the plus are Pro drainage, Blepharos and Double Chin

With the VisO'key® Masters, you obtain a complete and in-depth view of all facial problems, allowing you to resolve them in the best possible way.


Plus courses

Therapist courses

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