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Dear friends! Our first ambitious task for 7 days - activate physiological rejuvenation!

I'll explain a little what we have to do:

❣️Remove tension of the cervical muscles

❣️Restore head blood supply

❣️Restore lymphatic flow

❣️ "Move" motionless facial tissues

As first results after these 7 days, you should see yourself more aesthetically beautiful and have a feeling of well-being, in addition you will increase your self-esteem.

The first sign of the job done well - decrease of edema, feeling of "vitality" on the face. The back neck becomes longer, you will feel a feeling of freedom in the back "back", a desire to keep your posture, emotional and psycho relaxation!

Muscle aches are possible, but it's normal!

In the first week I recommend you do the exercises every day 2 times a day! I know it seems like a lot, but if you want good results follow the instructions.

Before starting you have to take PHOTOS!

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