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If you are suffering from diseases or undergo medical treatment of any kind, before starting the course you must hear the opinion of a doctor, relieves himself of any present or future compensation Manual plastic face and Irina Egorova from any civil liability that criminal

Below is a list of basic contraindications:

1- Congenital malformations, injuries, anomalies and diseases of the spine including complex curvatures

2- Thyroid diseases (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, auto immune thyroid, nodular goiter, cyst, knots)

3-Head injuries,

4-Skin diseases (eczema, dermatophytosis, warts)

5-Inflammatory diseases of the facial and ternary nerves

6-Diseases of the lymphatic system

7-Cerebral bleeding

Special contraindications with dental problems:

1-Dislocation and dislocation of the lower jaw

2-Deforming arthrosis

3-Neglected forms of caries

4-Acute inflammatory processes in facci (abscesses)

If you experience any of this pathology, you can access the course after hearing the advice of your doctor

You can contact our contact details directly for any other information

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